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Save money and save waste - help for your local community   (07.12.2017)
We have helped groups run various events including Give and Take days, Swishes (clothes swaps), community compost awareness days and sessions on how to reduce food waste in the home.

A Give and Take day is when people in the community can bring along any good condition, unwanted items that are too good to just throw away. Anyone can donate and then anyone can come along and take away any of the items, all for free. You can even use the event as a fundraiser by putting out a donation bucket and providing refreshments. These events have been held in a number of venues around Cumbria and are growing in popularity.

A ‘Swish’, or clothes swap is a similar event and can be limited to certain types for example ladies and gents clothing, children's clothing, school uniform etc etc. You can run it however you want but we have found that a good way is to limit people to 3 good quality items so you don’t end up with too many leftovers. For each item someone brings they get a token to take that many items away. It is a good idea to have a free for all 15 mins at the end so anyone without tokens also has a chance to pick up something nice. Again you can run it as
fundraiser by perhaps charging people to get in, putting out a donation bucket and putting on refreshments.

For both Give and Takes and Swishes you need to have an outlet to dispose of any leftovers – the local charity shops have been great and things often get given away on Freegle.
We also offer sessions on reducing food waste in the home and composting. These can be run for groups in the community perhaps through your village hall committee. Both of these sessions are great fun and of course we are happy to come along for free.

If your village hall committee or local community group would like us to help you host a Give and Take or a Swish or come along and deliver a food waste or compost session then we would be delighted to come along for free.

All you need is a venue and we will bring our expertise. We want to save waste and stop perfectly good stuff ending up in the bin and doing all of this can often save you money on already stretched household budgets too.

Please contact Judith Bradshaw Waste prevention Officer (Carlisle and Eden) if you would like further information.
07768 724863

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