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Temporary Road Closure - Front Street, Cotehill   (09.11.2017)

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that to enable Gallagher Ltd to carry out the installation of high voltage cables (“the Works”), the County Council of Cumbria intends to make an Order the effect of which is to prohibit any vehicle from proceeding along that section of the U1168 Front Street, Cotehill, from its junction with the C1040, extending in a north easterly direction to its junction with the C1038.

A way for pedestrians and dismounted cyclists will be maintained at all times and a suitable alternative route for vehicles will be signed and available via the C1040, U1169 and C1038.
Nothing in the Order to which this notice relates shall:
1. Apply to emergency service vehicles, or vehicles being used by statutory undertakers in the performance of their duties; and
2. Apply to anything done with the permission or at the direction of a police constable in uniform; and
3. Have the effect of preventing at any time access for pedestrians to any premises situated on or adjacent to the roads, or to any other premises accessible for pedestrians from, and only from the roads; and
4. Apply to vehicles being used in connection with the Works.
Any queries to Cumbria Highways, The Parkhouse Building, Kingmoor Business Park, Carlisle, CA6 4SJ (0300 303 2992) quoting reference 9940.

The Order will come into operation on 18 September 2017 and may continue in force for a period of up to eighteen months from that date as and when the relevant traffic signs are displayed, although it is anticipated that it will only be required for 8 weeks.
D Roberts, Corporate Director, Resources & Transformation, Cumbria County Council,
Cumbria House, Carlisle, CA1 1RD